T-Mobile G1 Accessories

T-Mobile G1 Rubber Case at $1,97

Nice price for this T-Mobile G1 Accessory. This case is being sold at Amazon for $1,97, no way to go wrong with this price. The case seems to be pretty solid and it doesn’t interfere with the G1 design.


T-Mobile G1 FlexiSkin Case

T-Mobile G1 FlexiSkin – The Soft Low-Profile Case (Jet Black)

Nice one! 12 bucks. Check details at Amazon.

T-Mobile G1 Headphone Adapter

The T-Mobile G1 does have a jack that allows you to plug your favorite headphone set directly on the phone. I’m using this adaptor on mine in order to use my cool sony headphones. It costs only 5 bucks on Amazon.

InvisibleShield – Invisible Skin for T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile G1 Screen Protector

Hi guys!

This is the Invisible Skin for the T-Mobile G1. The same brand that developed the famous non-bulky skin for iPhone has now created the same high quality product to the G1. This skin will surely protect your G1 from scratches on its body and screen. This thin g1 skin improves the grip you have on the G1, and decreases your chances of dropping your cool phone 😉 . As the name says, this skin is almost invisible, adding just brightness/light reflection to your G1 phone.

Check it out!

Really Colorful G1 Cases!

T-Mobile G1 Cases

T-Mobile G1 Cases

Hi Guys!

These are the most colorful G1 Cases that I’ve ever seen! The G1 is meant to be fun! The colors include Neon Green, Dark Blue, Red, Magenta, and Pink! I’ll be posting more G1 Accessories this week.

Check it out!

G1 Accessories: Solid Black G1 Case

T-Mobile G1 Case

A solid case for the T-Mobile G1! It looks like the classic iPhone case, giving the G1 a good scratch protection. The G1 Accessory is sold by Amazon for 10 bucks.

DW Leather case for T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile G1 Cases
T-Mobile G1 Leather Carrying Case

Humm, this kind of leather G1 case for 5 bucks sounds good. This G1 Accessory looks pretty durable and classy, and will surely protect your T-Mobile G1 ; )

Take a peek!

T-Mobile G1 memory: Sandisk 8gb SDHC Memory with SD Adapter

T-Mobile G1 Memory - SDHC Card

SanDisk 8GB microSDHC Card with SD Adapter for T-Mobile G1

The new T-Mobile G1 uses SD Card to expand its memory. I found that Amazon is selling the G1 Accessory compatible with the T-Mobile G1. It includes the SD Adapter needed to read the SDHC card in the computer. It’s $21.48 for 8GB for the G1.

Screen Protector for T-Mobile G1 Android

Hey Guys! This one sounds interesting. Good to protect your G1 Screen when your phone arrives. Avoid buying it at the expensive T-Mobile’s retail price.

Leather Case for T-Mobile G1 Phone

This is a very useful accessory for the T-Mobile G1 Phone. The leather case will protect your G1 and prevent scratches on its screen and body. This case made with high-quality leather, and looks quite elegant on the G1. The case has a pocket to store SD cards. Quite useful if you want to have your extra memory around.

Link there

Review of miniSync Car Charger for the G1

T-Mobile G1 miniSync
T-Mobile G1 miniSync – Car Charger Bundle

This is an ok kit for the new T-Mobile G1 Phone. This G1 kit includes a miniSync cable and a car charger. I believe you’re going to need one, that the price is fair so here is the post to Amazon:

Check it!

T-Mobile G1’s BlueAnt X3 Micro Bluetooth Headset (Black)

BlueAnt for T-Mobile G1 Phone
G1 Accessory: BlueAnt X3 Micro Bluetooth Headset (Black)

One of the best Bluetooth headsets for the T-Mobile G1 Phone. The compability is assured by the G1 community. Grab this nice G1 Accessory at Amazon with a really good price, check it out.

Sandisk 8GB Memory for T-Mobile G1 Phone (Google Phone)

This is the best price I have found buying memory for my T-Mobile G1 Phone that hasn’t arrived yet. It is the Sandisk 8GB microSDHC memory. The default G1 Memory is only 1GB. You can add up to 8GB of G1 memory with a microSD Card. With the SD card at this price you could have many memory cards and do something that would nostagically remind the Sega Mega Drive.