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DW Leather case for T-Mobile G1

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T-Mobile G1 Leather Carrying Case

Humm, this kind of leather G1 case for 5 bucks sounds good. This G1 Accessory looks pretty durable and classy, and will surely protect your T-Mobile G1 ; )

Take a peek!


T-Mobile G1 Accessory: Case + Car Charger + Home Charger + Leather Carrying Pouch Combo Pack

T-Mobile G1 Case + Home Charger + Car Charger Combo

Sounds like a smart buy to me. If you have multimedia habits you know that the G1 runs out of juice really quickly. Amazon is offering this combo that has a T-Mobile G1 Case + Charger + car charger, for 14 bucks. I’ll give it a try. If it’s not good enough I’ll just return it ’cause it’s Amazon!

Link to the G1 Accessory

Leather Case for T-Mobile G1 Phone

This is a very useful accessory for the T-Mobile G1 Phone. The leather case will protect your G1 and prevent scratches on its screen and body. This case made with high-quality leather, and looks quite elegant on the G1. The case has a pocket to store SD cards. Quite useful if you want to have your extra memory around.

Link there