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T-Mobile G1 Accessory: Case + Car Charger + Home Charger + Leather Carrying Pouch Combo Pack

T-Mobile G1 Case + Home Charger + Car Charger Combo

Sounds like a smart buy to me. If you have multimedia habits you know that the G1 runs out of juice really quickly. Amazon is offering this combo that has a T-Mobile G1 Case + Charger + car charger, for 14 bucks. I’ll give it a try. If it’s not good enough I’ll just return it ’cause it’s Amazon!

Link to the G1 Accessory


Review of miniSync Car Charger for the G1

T-Mobile G1 miniSync
T-Mobile G1 miniSync – Car Charger Bundle

This is an ok kit for the new T-Mobile G1 Phone. This G1 kit includes a miniSync cable and a car charger. I believe you’re going to need one, that the price is fair so here is the post to Amazon:

Check it!